Greetings, Hunters! 
1.09 Patch is here with a brand new RP system!

New Ranking System
An all new RP system is finally here. 
- RP is based on two factors: Placement and Kill 
- A player will receive 3 points per placement above the average player number in a given match. 
Ex) In a 20 player match, the average player number is 10. (20/2) 
9th will receive 3 points, 1st will receive 27 points, and 20th will receieve -30 points. 
Average player number is rounded up (if 10.5, will be counted as 11) 
- 3 points rewarded per kill (Max. 15 points in Solo mode, 6 points in Trio mode)) 
- In Tag Match, 20 point per win and -20 point per loss. 

Promotion Match 
- In Solo and Trio, player will enter a promotion match once the player reaches 300 points. 
- In Tag Match, player will enter a promotion match once the player reaches 100 points. 
- Player will be promoted to next rank if scored at least 1 point in a promotion match. 
- Player will enter a demotion match once the player reaches 0 points. 
- Player will be demonted to lower rank if scored less than 0 points.  
- In Solo and Trio, player will be placed at 50 points upon promotion and 200 points upon demotion. 
- In Tag Match, player will be placed at 15 points upon promotion and 60 points upon demotion. 

System Updates
- Daily Quest tab in lobby screen is removed. 

- In-game quests can be completed in Solos and Trios.

- The max player capacity has been reduced to 21 from 30.

Bug Fixes
Female voice not properly working when switched to female voice in settings has been fixed. 

Cooldown icon not properly showing up in Tag matches has been fixed. 

Skill icon not properly switching when a charcter dies in Tag matches has been fixed 
Other UI/Localization has been fixed. 

Mumyung's "Shadow Clone" not properly giving xp when the clone kills a demon has been fixed. 

Mumyung's "Shadow Clone" clone not being able to stop guarding has been fixed. 

Yoongeon's "Mark of Prey" being used twice at times has been fixed. 

Balance Adjustments
Tau and Samjang's Martial Arts knock up damage has been decreased.

Duo Tournament
After our successful first NA Solo tournament, this time we present a NA Duo Tournament! 
Grab your friend and prove yourselves as the deadliest duos of Hunter's Arena! 
New Tournament? 
We are holding a Duo tournament this time.  
So, grab a friend and apply together now! 
Will be announced very shortly in our social media channels and Discord! 
The Duo Tournament will be held ins US East. 
We are going to have different prizes again for each placement. We will also have a special prize. 

Join NOW!

Weekend XP Event
We are holding our very first 1.5 XP event this weekend! 
Level up fast this weekend and receive "Level Rewards"!