Greeting Hunters,
Patch 1.06 is here with Cross-invite between PC and PlayStation! 

Enter the arena with your PC or PlayStation friends to become the deadliest hunter! 

Check our patch notes below to find out more about Patch 1.06. 

Party making between PC and PlayStation
At last, you will be able to add and invite friends from different platforms. 
You will be able to compete with each other in Tag match or fight together in Trio mode. 

Balance Adjustments
"Spectral Dash" cooldown has increased. 
"Dark Storm" damage has decreased. 

"Focused Strike" damage has decreased. 

"Dragon Tornado" damage has increased. 

"Dissonance" projectile speed has increased. 
"Illusion Overture" projectile speed has increased. 
"Illusion Overture" second phase activates faster. 

Fixed being able to use basic attack or Martial arts while using "Force Barrier" 

"Death Embrace" Super Armor activates when launching towards enemy. 

"Shadow Blade" range has increased. 
"Shadow Slash" range has increased. 
"Vanish" activates faster and maintains invisibility while running. 

Other adjustments
Delay after drinking potion has decreased. 

Guard's motion delay has been removed. However, you cannot use guard in the middle of a basic attack or skill.  

Super Skill can be activated during quickstep. 

Tag buff has been removed. 

Bug Fixes and System Updates
Displaying cooldown for Tag while not having any available characters to switch with has been fixed. 

UI/Text has been updated. 

Mumyung's "Shadow Clone" tracking invisible players has been fixed. 

Announcement regarding Teaming Up and Stream Sniping
We are aware of certain players who decide team up or stream snipe in matches. We take such matter seriously and will not tolerate such behavior to affect our players.  
We have created 「report-teaming-streamingsniping」 channel on our official Discord so please utilize this channel to report players who make the game less enjoyable for everyone. 
Below is how we will handle players who are caught teaming up or stream sniping in matches: 
1st time: 3 day Ban 
2nd time: 7 day Ban 
3rd time: 30 day Ban 
4th time: Permanent Ban 
To restrain players from teaming up or stream sniping, we would need an evidence such as video clips to look into submitted reports. Please utilize death cams to provide us with video clips as evidence.  
In a Battle Royale genre, we understand that teaming up could be utilized as a strategical choice at times. However, we will not tolerate intentional teaming deriving from pre-communication between players.  
We want Hunter's Arena to be equally enjoyable and fair for all of our players. We promise to provide a fair gameplay experience with your help and our players.  
Thank you.  

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the RP/MMR issue last week.
As a token of apology, we are giving 3,000 SP to all players.
We promise you to take an action on such an issue as quickly as possible, and continue to improve the game based on your feedback.  Again, apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for support.

<1.5x SP Event> 
Enjoy Hunter’s Arena this weekend and receive 1.5x SP for every match!  

ASIA Server(JP) : Aug 21 00:00 ~ Aug 22 11:55pm(JST / KST)
ASIA Server(AU) : Aug 21 00:00 ~ Aug 22 11:55pm(AEST)
EU Server : Aug 21 00:00 ~ Aug 22 11:55pm(BST)
US Server : Aug 21 00:00 ~ Aug 22 11:55pm(EDT)
SA Server : Aug 21 00:00 ~ Aug 22 11:55pm(BST)

Let's make this game better and better together.  

Thank you.